By casey jones

And the Angel Rocked Me

Memoir of a Multiple Personality

By casey jones

And the Angel Rocked Me

Memoir of a Multiple Personality

A sadistic brother…an abusive mother…
a cruel father…a psychopathic husband

No one heard her cries. From broken bones to murdered pets to violated innocence, Casey Jones endured countless atrocities as a child. Trapped in a world of unbearable cruelty, her mind shattered into alternate personalities, and she escaped into the arms of an angel. Despite the abusive home she was raised in, Casey found the strength to forge her way in the world, thriving as a flight attendant who entertained passengers with her in-flight songs and antics. But later, a calculating predator pulled her into his snare.  This smooth talking, charismatic psychopath had everything under control, so he thought.  Like so many others she was taken in, but realizing that God commands us to stand against evil, she fought back.

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Casey Jones

Casey Jones grew up on a ranch in New Mexico, which was for her, a prison filled with torture and rape. She escaped to fly with United Airlines. On an educational leave of absence, she studied in Europe and later worked on her Master’s in Psychology at Regis University in Denver. In 1988, she was rated #2 out of 18,000 employees for positive letters from passengers. She also, owned a small gag gift company and her products were in seven major catalogues.  In 1990, Casey produced a marital arts training video with the 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist.

That same year she entered therapy for incest, and was diagnosed with 19 alternate personalities.  Unable to continue working a flight attendant, she retired early and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In 2007, Casey married a serial predator who was impersonating an MD and PhD. Only a few months into the marriage, she discovered his criminal past and Warrants out for his arrest.   Without hesitation she divorced him, and worked with the Oklahoma and Santa Fe police. He was arrested on December 31, 2007. This began a long study of psychopathic abusers and research into her own diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder.

Her book And the Angel Rocked Me; Memoir of a Multiple Personality was released in January of 2013.  Veteran film producer Ken Wales has stated that her book is his favorite human interest story EVER!!  Presently, Casey works as a web designer, conference speaker and she spent 7 years counseling victims on her former website:  Women Against Con Men,, a forum for victims of psychopaths. She still lives in New Mexico with her beloved stray dogs.

In addition to Ken Wales, 4 other producers have spoken to her about creating a movie based on her life story.

PBS  “Creative Living Show” film shorts

Casey Jones is a survivor. And the Angel Rocked Me is ultimately a story of redemption and the author’s ultimate triumph over her abusers.  While the book is riveting and very well written, it was a difficult read for me because I was once very closely associated with Casey’s family. I knew them all quite well and spent a great deal of time with all of them. I can confirm that Casey’s depictions of her parents and siblings are completely accurate. I became involved with the Jones family during the years Casey was working as a flight attendant and didn’t know her as well as I knew the rest of the family. However, having suffered my own abuse at the hands of her family members, every detail of her story rings true. Her story actually answered questions I’d had for decades and gave me the missing puzzle pieces to my own story with this family.
I am grateful to Casey for being brave enough to write this book. I believe she survived so that she could tell her story and present her message of hope and triumph to victims of abuse and con artists everywhere.  If you are a victim yourself or know someone who is, please read And the Angel Rocked Me. You will gain an understanding of the cycle and psychology of abuse from the perspective of the abused, the abuser, and those who protect abusers by looking the other way.
This is a beautiful yet painful memoir of a childhood no one should ever have to experience and the woman who worked so hard to overcome her past by confronting that past head on, which in the end, is truly the only way to overcome a history of abuse. AreZee

A Survivor's Story Well Worth Reading, May 5, 2016, 5 STARS

Can I just say… you are an amazing writer and storyteller!!!  One day I hope to read this to my own children and make them laugh at the funny memories that made me laugh.  Your book was amazing Casey! I will continue to re-read it and re-read it from time to time. You are such an amazing Woman of God!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! -Ariel Ariel Wiesner

Oh, my Goodness!!!, age 18, May 29, 2014, 5 STARS

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Ken Wales, Veteran Hollywood Producer

And the Angel Rocked Me will captivate, and inspire you! Travel through heart-wrenching events, as Casey confronts astonishing challenges head-on, and is transformed by sheer God-given strength, steadfast determination, and unrelenting perseverance!
Casey exemplifies God’s desire for every survivor to rise above their suffering into a life filled with blessings.”    Producer Feature Films Amazing Grace, Revenge of the Pink Panther, Christy Series (and many more)

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